First race of 2019, Lake Mountain Sprint

First Race of 2019, Lake Mountain Sprint

The two freshly prepared Mazda RX8’s of Redbackracing this weekend (23rd & 24th March 2019) competed in the teams first race of 2019 and the final round of the 2018/19 Australia Tarmac Rally Championship – Lake Mountain Sprint.

Adam & Lee were once again paired in one of the RX8’s and Andrew Bollom plus Ric Shaw were in the other car. The first day was going to be a test for both crews, as this is the first event either set of competitors had ran in the new Redbackracing RX8’s, shortly after the shakedown stage the Victorian weather took a turn for the worse and rain came down, which to the locals was a sight they hand longed for – due to bush fires in the surrounding forests, however for the competitors it added some increased complexity to what are some already very tricky roads.

Other than a slight visit into the grass for Adam & Lee, the car of Andrew & Ric suffered from a cracked brake rotor which fortunately enough was only picked up at the end of day servicing and was changed overnight.

Day two brought dry and bright conditions and both cars performed way above the benchmark from the day before, showing that the teams were beginning to settle in their freshly prepared cars. Whilst Adam & Lee suffered a similar issue at lunch as Adam and Ric and had to swap a brake rotor the cars performed wonderfully, proving all the time and effort into the cars preparation was worthwhile.

Adam & Lee finished the race in 2nd place and with a final stage remaining Andrew & Ric pushed hard to try and grab 3rd, but painfully missed out by just 3.9 seconds. A really enjoyable event and a lot was learnt by all on how the cars should be driven and what we all need to do in preparation for the teams return after a number of years absence, to the Ultimate Tarmac Rally – Targa Tasmania 2019.

The team would once again like to thank their sponsors and without them it would not be possible to compete in events such as Lake Mountain and the team look forward to sharing updates from the Apple Isle Tasmania with the event only four weeks away…. Watch this space (and keep an eye on our social media)

2019 Season Launch

2019 Season Launch


To kick off the 2019 season, the team at Redback Racing are excited to be back running a two-car team. Adam Spence & Lee Challoner-Miles are teaming up again for the season, having come off wins in Showroom 2WD for the past two years in the Australian Tarmac Rally Championship in the Renault Clio.


Adam and Lee have been joined by long-time friend and highly experienced racer, Andrew Bollom. Andrew who is no stranger to Tarmac Rally had close friend and RX8 Cup founder Ric Shaw as Navigator. Andrew will be joined by experienced gravel rally specialist, Ryan Preston, for Targa Tasmania.


Having raced together previously, running identical Renault Meganes in 2015 with class wins in the Targa Australia Championship, the team are hoping to repeat those successes in the Mazda RX8’s, familiar territory for the Rotary loving Spence and Bollom. In fact, it was the love of Rotary engines that instigated the friendship many years ago.


Over the last 6 months the team have worked to prepare two Mazda RX8 Cup cars specifically to RX8 Cup specifications and will enter both for 2019 in a combination of Mazda RX8 Cup circuit events and selected tarmac rally events throughout the year including the AASA Australian Tarmac Rally championship event on March 23rd, Lake Mountain Sprint. The team are also very pleased to be returning to the CAMS Australia Targa championship event in April 2019, Targa Tasmania. 


Not only does 2019 bring new cars to Redback Racing but also new sponsors. We welcome IAS (Integrated Asset Solutions), CIA (Consolidated Insurance Agencies), WrapStyle and Bahco to the team and want to thank CIA Promotional Products, Cyara, City Generators and Odyssey Batteries for the ongoing support.