Redbackracing Wakefield Park Track Day – January 2017

Redbackracing Wakefield Park Track Day – January 2017

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  • To view this video, please visit this page using your smartphone device. Insert your phone into the front sliding tray of your new Virtual reality headset (when looking from the top the slider is removed on the right-hand side)

  • Select the corresponding link below to open your video

  • Your phone will redirect to your YouTube video (you will require YouTube to already be installed on your mobile phone)

  • On the playback screen, there will be GOGGLES ICON, select this icon

  • Insert your phone on the sliding tray back into the headset

  • Place the headset up to your eyes and place the strap over your head

You will now be able to see your video in full 360 Virtual reality, rotate your head left, right, up and down to see every dimension of you experience and relive the hot lap in the Redbackracing Renault Clio.

Here are the links to your videos :

NameDesktop LinkMobile Link
Clio Testing Laps
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Click Here to view a gallery of photo’s taken on the day

Thanks from Team Redbackracing and we look forward to seeing you soon.